Columbus, Ohio is a Finalist for an Expansion Lingerie Football Team

First off, who even knew this organization existed?  This whole phenomena of watching chicks in bikinis play football started as a stunt for the Super Bowl.  Basically, they grabbed some models, dressed them in lingerie, and then charged people to watch them run around on a field trying to somewhat resemble the game we know and love.  I didn’t think of it as anything more than a gimmick, but then I get an article from one of my readers about Columbus being a finalist for an LFL expansion team, so I guess there’s enough horny guys out there to make this gimmick successful.

I went ahead and looked up some information about the LFL and it truly is a real deal league. It contains 10 active teams with names ranging from the Dallas Desire to the San Diego Seduction.  Honestly, most of the team names could easily be confused as a strip club establishment, and the logos aren’t too far off from what you see in the shady parts of town.  Let’s face it, sex sells and the LFL is a prime example of that mantra.  The fact that the LFL is expanding is truth enough that men are willing to watch women playing a traditional men only game, as long as they’re half naked.

I’m pretty sure there used to be a legit Women’s Football League, but it failed because it used women that really could’ve played in the NFL.  Guys don’t want to watch a bunch of Helga’s in pads trying to recreate the intensity found in the NFL, but we have no problem watching models in lingerie slapping each other around.  We’re simple ladies it’s not that hard to figure out.  The LFL capitalized on our animalistic instinct to salivate when we see a sexy girl the same way strip clubs capitalize on male patrons with their $20 ATM withdrawal fee.  If a good looking girl is in sight, most men will throw common sense out the window and revert back to being a caveman.

I’m not afraid to admit that I go caveman just like most males do when sexy girls are involved.  With that being said I had to check out the LFL’s website.  From what I can see the LFL is pretty legit with stat keeping and players of the week designations.  I also watched some game tape, which I can summarize as a mix of the WWE, Arena Football, and Lacrosse.  Don’t let that fool you though.  A LFL game may be full of over the top antics, but the action happening on the field is pretty intense.  In fact, I’d be willing to say that not many men would want to do what these Lingerie Football League players do.  You won’t catch me in a jock strap with shoulder pads and a hockey helmet laying people out on some indoor turf.  I was expecting to see some sort of grab-ass play going on, but these girls go full bore with the intent of drawing blood.

After doing my homework on the LFL I’m all about Columbus, OH winning one of the new expansion teams.  I think if this goes down, C-Bus may finally have another sports franchise that gets as much hype as the Buckeyes.  If you’ve ever lived in C-Bus you’ll know exactly what I’m getting at.  Sure the LFL is targeting a select group with its brand of football, but would you rather your Husband and Son go to a strip club on their Father/Son outings?  I can’t think of a better place to nurture the bond between Father and Son than at an LFL game.  Check out the video below to see this sport in action.  I’m telling you, for good looking girls they don’t play around.  You’ve been wishing that the LFL would come to your city…


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