‘Combat Core’ – A Futuristic Arena Fighting Game

Supposedly there was a time before online gaming. During this period people used to share a single screen to enjoy a game together. Those days are not completely over, and Combat Core, a fantastic indie game developed by a single guy, is trying to recapture the glory days of sofa gaming with friends.

Combat Core is a fast paced arena fighting game that is said to share similarities with other games such as Power Stone, Custom Robo, and Super Smash Bros. As stated before, the game does focus on multiplayer. Currently Combat Core features up to 4 player local multiplayer, but the developer hopes to include online multiplayer in the future as well. Other features in the game include custom combatants, weapon pick-ups, power-ups, and environmental hazards such as ‘death lazers’!

The game has been self funded by the lone developer, however, a recent Kickstarter campaign has been launched. A Steam Greenlight campaign is also running so be sure to check that out too. Combat Core is currently being developed for PC, Mac and Ouya. A playable alpha is also available for download, so head over to the Combat Core website for more details.


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