Young Justice like Teen Titans before it is a story where the various popular sidekick characters like Robin, Kid Flash and Aqua Lad band together to create their own superhero team. What’s interesting about it is that traditionally an animated series either translate an older story into animation or serves as an original story outside of continuity. In the case of Young Justice the animated series and the comic are running concurrently and within continuity are telling two sides of the same story across two mediums. It lends an air of urgency that most animated adaptations fail to capture.


The story of the combined comic book and animated series centers on the sidekick characters like Robin and Kid Flash feeling disenfranchised by the Justice League’s treatment of them. Batman and Green Arrow explain that the treatment is out of general concern for their safety but this only serves to frustrate them further as Robin and Speedy both bring up the valid point that they have put their lives on the line time and again just as they have. Speedy, fed up by what he considers hypocrisy, quits and decides to become a solo hero under the moniker Red Arrow. The rest of the sidekicks create there own team and have been slowly adding toit ever since.

The Real Question

The real question for any comic book fan is inevitably “is it any good?” Well I’m happy to report that Young Justice is one of the best DC animated features since the 90s Batman cartoon. The art looks fantastic with everything optimized for HD. Voice acting is top notch, with all of the main cast and the supporting cast of Justice League members all dubbed extremely well. Even better is the writing with genuinely enjoyable dialogue and story’s that tend to explore the more obscure corners of the DC universe with a fresh perspective.

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