Comedic Sci-Fi Western Short ‘The Bulleteers’ Brings Female Empowerment to SDCC 2017

Named “audience choice” at Oklahoma City’s 48-Hour Film Race, Kyle Roberts’ The Bulleteers is now making its way to this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. It’s part sci-fi, part-Western, and a whole lot of action and humor that proudly promotes a female-driven narrative.

Todd (Collin Place), the Death Devil, is back in town, and it’s up to the Anna Brasco (Edna Garcia) to rally together a group of misfits to save the town. “I’m excited to see women’s stories that normally occupy the margins of film narratives become central to those narratives and be so well received by critics and audiences alike,” says Garcia.

Roberts is no stranger to independent film. The Bulleteers already garnered quite a few awards, including Best Oklahoma Director at Twister Alley, Best Comedy/Best Supporting Actress (Alissa Ford)/Best Poster at Wild Bunch Film Fest, and Best Short Film/Best Actress (Edna Garcia) at the Urban Action Showcase. And that’s not including his previous works, such as The Posthuman Project and Heroes of the Realm.

“We couldn’t make these films without a team that puts it all on the line,” says Roberts. “This is the fourth 48-hour film I’ve made, and I’m continually impressed with what the cast and crew are able to accomplish.”

The Bulleteers will be screened at SDCC 2017 on Friday, July 21st at 2:20 PM (Grand Ballroom 3 & 4); you can get a little taste of it by checking out the trailer up above.

Reckless Abandonment Pictures has more information on the film(s) if you’re looking to dive deeper.

If you’re attending the Comic-Con, check out SDCC’s Film schedule to make sure you don’t miss it.


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