Comic Book Fans You Have to Check out the New X-Men Extra iPad App

Through my ability to be in tuned with the geek force, I came across a great free app for the iPad called X-Men Extra, which gives you a creative and in-depth look at the upcoming ‘X-Men: First Class’ film.  X-Men Extra is a free gift from Fox to help X-Men fans, or comic book fans in general, get a clearer understanding of the upcoming X-Men prequel.  X-Men Extra clocks in at a beefy 129MBs, but it’s packed full of interactive features which are presented in a historical looking digital magazine.  It’s nothing that will blow your gourd, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome

At its core the X-Men Extra app is a digital magazine.  It functions like a print magazine in where you have to literally flip through the pages, but that’s where the similarities end.  Each page features super imposed images of the film’s mutants interacting with real life figures from the time period.  You’ll see Xavier rubbing shoulders with JFK, and Magneto hanging with Fidel Castro.  Each of these pics have a little description which may hint at certain plot points in the film.  Outside of the static images there’s also some embedded audio clips, as well as some videos that focus on certain mutants that will be in ‘X-Men: First Class’.  For example, if you see an image of Havok you can touch it and a featurette will pop up to introduce the character.

X-Men Extra TOC and Character Page

Overall, the X-Men Extra app is a genius use of marketing on behalf of FOX.  It’s a well put together app that enables the user to be transported back in time to the period that the film will focus on.  From the cover to the pages, the app stays true to the feel of the 60’s, and the content itself will intrigue any fan of the X-Men franchise.  Plus, it’s free, so if you have an iPad, or more preferably the iPad 2, you can download it today!  Make sure to grab it before June 3, which is when ‘X-Men: First Class’ will be hitting a theater near you.  There’s a quick video demo of the app below if you need some more convincing, but again the app is free so just download it you lazy a*s!  You’ve been given another app to show off the awesomeness of the iPad platform…

X-Men Extra App Demo



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