Company of Heroes 2 Unveils Sniper Unit For British Forces

Relic Entertainment and Sega just uploaded a video to Company of Heroes’ official YouTube account, giving all the attention to their new unit to be introduced in The British Forces: the Armor-Piercing Sniper.

This is the second of four “Know Your Units” videos to be uploaded, the first highlighting the Churchill Tank. Featuring a brand new tech tree, infantry, team weapons, vehicles, upgrades, and commanders with unique abilities, there should be plenty to play around with come release on September 3rd.

Pre-ordering the game now grants 10% off the purchase price from Steam, while owners of the original Company of Heroes 2 receive a whopping 20% removed from the price tag. Purchasing The British Forces without Company of Heroes 2 still grants access to all multiplayer maps, and the ability to fight against any faction in online matches against other players or AI.

Two more video highlights for new units are just waiting to surface, so there’s still much more to come before the game launches this fall.


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