Compilation of New Gamescom Trailers for Xbox One Exclusives

Ryse gamescom

Microsoft decided to not hold an official press conference at Gamescom this week, but the industry giant made sure to release some fresh details about the Xbox One and its ever growing lineup of exclusive titles.

A bevy of new trailers for Xbox One exclusive titles have been released for Gamescom week, so rather than having to hunt them all down we’ve compiled them in this post for your viewing pleasure. You’ll get to see new previews for Ryse: Son of Rome, Project Spark, Dead Rising 3, Kinect Sports Rivals, and Fable Legends.

MS may have botched the Xbox One’s reveal, but its games and new policies should ease the pain that many gamers felt back in May and early June. Make sure to check out all of the new Xbox One exclusive game previews after the break.

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