Conan Exiles is an open-world multiplayer survival game. You begin the game in the desert with absolutely nothing and in order to survive, so you must hunt and create weapons from the area around you.

While your character fends off hunger, thirst, insanity, and sandstorms, you will also face other brutal difficulties such as vicious monsters and other players. Your character, which you can personalize, can harvest anything and everything from minerals to human flesh. You can build giant cities wherever you please and also summon giant avatars of the gods to crush the cities of your enemies!

I love open-world games, and this really hit it right on the head. It’s a ton of fun to build weapons and such out of certain objects you find around you.

Conan Exiles is out now on Early Access on Steam! There were nearly half a million copies sold in the first thirty days. The game will launch on Xbox One this year and for PS4 sometime next year!

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