What feels like it should’ve been a long time coming, Conan: Exiles is yet another survival/crafting game. This time it is set in the barbaric universe of, ‘Conan the Barbarian.’ There are plusses and minuses of this premise though. I particularly enjoy these types of games so this was a no brainer for me. As a huge fan of, Ark: Survival Evolved, I immediately starting drawing similarities between the two, which isn’t a bad thing at all.

The story starts off immediately with you creating your character. Instead of a traditional character creation with no basis, Conan: Exiles gives you a bit of a back story. You were strung up and left to die and are one of the only survivors left of your clan. There are different races to choose from, each excel at different things, whether it be a master thief or hail from nobility. The character creation is pretty in depth, letting you choose your physique, hair color and facial features, among other things. There is even a choice to have no nudity, partial nudity, or full nudity. I will be the first to tell you that if you choose full nudity, be prepared to see some male endowment. Same goes for the females, you can also choose the breast size as well as the size of your endowment (yes that endowment).

Something unique to Conan: Exiles is the fact that there is a religion system in play. You can choose from four different Gods, one of which is agnostic so you don’t have to take place in the system. Religion offers many different things like having altars and being able to do different things. If you get enough thralls and followers you can eventually summon an Avatar of your chosen God to lay waste to your enemies. After naming my survivor I was off into an unknown world with many things to discover.

Avatar of Yog.

With my survivor instincts in full effect, I ran to the nearest stone and started punching it. To my dismay, I found that this didn’t work the way I needed it to. Though I could pick up loose stones and branches to eventually craft my first tools. Plant fibers allowed me to craft clothes for my naked survivor.

I hosted my own game so I was able to tweak some effects like player experience so I could get a feel for the level up system. Now, this system is one I really enjoyed. Once you level up you have an ability point to spend on a number of different stats. You then get a point to learn new recipes for crafting. The recipes are sometimes grouped into a whole choice. For example; if you select Stonemason, you can like 5-6 different crafting recipes that have to do with stone masonry. This is a cool mechanic because it unlocks numerous different crafting options at once. I chose the basics, campfire, stonemasonry and a new sword and shield.

Gathering resources in the wasteland.

Having a full inventory of basic tools at my disposal I continued into the world. I wasn’t really expecting much from the combat and I was good to keep my hopes lower. Being an early access title I do understand that there is a lot that will change. The combat felt really meaningful when you hit something but got repetitive really quick. Now, that could be because I was using the same weapon over and over but time will tell. You can dual wield in the game which is a nice addition. You can loot dead bodies and even dismember them to gain different resources. It is important that you keep up on food and eat only food that won’t poison you. I made this mistake and died of food poisoning my first run through. There is plenty to do in this game and I am excited to dive back in and start crafting my own home base and start worshipping my God of choice!

There is a lot to come from this title. You can follow Funcom’s logs right on their website and keep up with updates for the game. Conan: Exiles is now available as part of the Steam Early Access program for only $29.99. Go show them some support by grabbing this one, it’s got plenty of potential and already shows a lot of promise. I mean this game was #2 on Twitch just the other night, that means something to me. So go off into this barbaric world and see what you can come up with. For more news on Conan: Exiles keep it locked here!


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Preview statement: A copy of the game was supplied by the developer for the sake of the preview. 

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