Contra-like Blazing Chrome Releasing on July 11 for All Platforms

Today it was revealed that Blazing Chrome, which is a love letter of sorts to Contra and Metal Slug, will release on July 11. It will be available that day for PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.

A new trailer was released today to show off some of the hidden characters that players can unlock in the game. You will see ‘Suhaila,’ a razor girl with a robotic arm and the skilled and deadly ninja ‘Raijin’ in the new trailer, which also showcases gameplay. It’s hard not to realize this game’s Contra roots while watching it, so if you’ve been looking for a return to the glory days of 16-bit Contra, then check out Blazing Chrome above!

About Blazing Chrome

The new characters are armed with entirely new ninja-based weaponry – players can harness a deadly katana, jump higher and use dash, creating a completely new combat experience in a Contra-like game. 

JoyMasher’s Blazing Chrome harkens back to the golden days of side-scrolling shooters with modern touches ensuring its gameplay feels as precise as it does authentic to the era it channels. Players can tear through six highly-varied stages filled with deadly, bullet-spewing AI as Mavra, a lone human resistance fighter, or the rebellious robotic insurgent Doyle. 

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