Control’s Dev Diary Highlights Fighting The Hiss

I feel like with every game Remedy makes, they fade more into obscurity, which is really depressing because their shit is great. Alan Wake is still one of my favorite games to this day, and Quantum Break was beautiful and entertaining as hell. The latter of these games was first touted as being a massive landmark release for the Xbox One, but by the time it came out, no one was really talking about it. Or they were just using it to compare to Alan Wake, which I’ll be the first to say was a better game.

Now Control is their main focus, and their dev diaries and videos barely seem to capture any attention, it’s so sad. The game looks legitimately fun too, it looks like a mix between Quantum and Mass Effect 2 and 3. The gunplay is pretty cool, because rather than having a bunch of different guns, you’ve got one gun that transforms into a bunch of different weapons. One is a medium range piercing weapon that I like in particular, as it can slice through enemy cover and obliterate them.

Another one just straight up looks like the Boltshot from Halo 4 and I am always all for that.

You can levitate, bring up a floating shield of rocks and debris, and launch chunks of wall and flooring at enemies to either kill or stun them. The powers that you amass over the course of the game must be crazy considering what they show us in this dev diary. The main focus is on the many ways you can defend yourself from and kill the Hiss, the main antagonistic force in the game. Check out the dev diary above!

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