Copyrights Ruin an Awesome Star Wars Project Called AT-AT for America

Mike Koehler has to be one of the most die-hard Star Wars fans of all-time.  Recently, he tried to start a project called AT-AT for America, which would fully recreate the brontosaurus looking AT-AT from the infamous Battle of Hoth.  Seriously?  How awesome would it be to see a life sized AT-AT chilling in some dude’s driveway?  Unfortunately, we will never know, boo-hoo, sniff.  This is because the evil forces of Lucasfilm shut Koehler down before he could even get the project off of the ground.

According to Koehler its the lawyers of Lucasfilm that have an issue with his project and not Darth Lucas, but at the same time isn’t George the one guy who could wave his fingers and use a Jedi mind trick on his stormtroopers, I mean lawyers?  If the likes of him and his keeper Steve Sansweet really didn’t mind the AT-AT for America project, then why didn’t they tell the Lucasfilm lawyers to back off?  I would have to imagine at one point George, or someone who isn’t involved in the laws of Lucasfilm probably said, “Hey guys, some a-hole is trying to immortalize my work and further cement my creation’s status in the annals of history, so could you kindly break his kneecaps and force him to stop!”

The only thing that could actually not make Lucasfilm look like a bunch of d*cks is if Koehler planned on using his life-sized AT-AT for his own profit.  Then I get why Lucasfilm wanted to shut down the project, but if this was a non-profit idea then Lucas is just being greedy.  There’s always a fine line when it comes to copyright laws, and believe me I want my own content protected from thieves, but at this point in time does George really need to squeeze some more cash out of his Star Wars machine?

I guess those that believe in making more money than you’ll ever need will probably side with Lucas, but I’d imagine those who think that projects like this are just a form of flattery and praise for what he created, probably side with me.  No I’m not a Commie, but sometimes I just feel like Lucasfilm is a little overbearing when it comes to fans like Mike Koehler who have an obvious passion for the Star Wars franchise, and just want to show it in a unique way.

Looks like the Darkside has won again!  For now you won’t have to worry about a guy on crack stealing an AT-AT and driving through your city’s streets with it like he’s fighting the Rebel forces on Hoth (What, you’ve never seen the dude who stole a tank in San Diego?).  You’ve been needing to hide your Millenium Falcon before George and Co. can gank it from you…


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