Link versus Dark Link in real life
Link versus Dark Link in real life

Corridor Digital’s newest video, entitled Link’s Shadow is as every bit as entertaining as it is visually beautiful.

Link’s Shadow features a group of hunters who find the last thing they could have expected in one of their traps – the demonic Dark Link. He is able to make quick work of the hunters with precise and deadly sword and bow work, tearing through them with brutal force.

Just when all hope seems lost, the last of the hunting group – a staff wielding elder – finds his saving grace in the form of a green clad hero. The Hero of Time himself, Link, jumps into action and meets his Shadow with every ounce of strength he has. The two duke it out, each showing some dazzling moves, only to find themselves in a fatal stalemate.

Link’s Shadow is expertly executed and features some seriously great costume and effects work. Corridor Digital is able to create a story that feels like something right out of the Zelda franchise in just over four minutes, which is no small feat at all. Each character, especially Dark Link looks great and the action in the video is top notch.

Check out Link’s Shadow below and be sure to head to Corridor Digital’s YouTube page for more of their awesome work.

Link’s Shadow (The Legend of Zelda)


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