Corridor Digital’s ‘Far Cry Happy Hour’ Now Live: Yeah I was There!

The CorridorDigital team was tasked by Ubisoft to create a live-action short based on their upcoming Far Cry 3 video game, which ships on December 4, 2012.  I just so happened to be in L.A. the day they shot it, so due to my connection with the Action Factory Stunt Team I had the honor of watching the CorridorDigital boys at work on their latest YouTube short.  These dudes and their squad are nothing short of awesome, and it really is amazing at what they’re able to do with their technical know-how and cinematography skills.  It’s not like they’re given a Hollywood sized budget to create projects like Far Cry Happy Hour, so it’s even more impressive that they can squeeze out bitchin videos on a YouTube budget.

Part of that is thanks to the stuntmen of Action Factory, who were once again called upon to amp up the action (ha ha, get it) in a @CorridorDigital project.  This time around the boys even got to flex their acting skills a bit with Eric Linden playing the lead bad guy (the mohawk dude with eye shadow), as well as Joe Fidler (bottle smasher), Tim Eulich (pistol man), Roberto Gutierrez (machete), and some off-screen assistance courtesy of Joe Ross.  In addition to the AF team the CD boys even employed the talents of Exoctic Jess (famous YT vlogger), who I also got to meet, and can verify her awesomeness.

Overall, being on set for a Corridor Digital YouTube shoot is definitely a highlight in my young career as an Entertainment Buddha.  Everyone I got to meet was personable and down to Earth, and not the typical Hollywood type you may expect them to be.  Hopefully the team will remember the old EB and put me in a video the next time I’m out in LA LA Land.  I think it’s time to get them locked and loaded with some EB gear.  In the mean time check out Far Cry Happy Hour, as well as the behind the scenes video after the break.  You’ve been wishing you were me, except when you read my social feeds from 11/18…

Far Cry Happy Hour

Far Cry: Behind The Scenes

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