Could This be Apple’s New Stylus Device Rumored to be Called the iPen?

In an iPad 4 rumor yesterday I found an image of the supposed stylus-like device that Apple patented a few months back.  The post contained a photo that is more than likely Photoshopped, but it may be what the final device looks like if Apple ever does release one.  Unless this thing has similar properties to Harry Potter’s wand I’m not so sure that Apple will even release it.  I know Jobs is dead, but he vehemently despised any devices that required a stylus to use, and I’d like to think that those who have succeeded him will also agree with that mantra.

Like I said if this so-called iPen device is more than just your standard stylus that can revolutionize your life then I’m all for it, but if Apple is trying to get cute just because Steve is gone, then this device could lead Apple in a direction that we’d all rather not see them go. What would you think of an Apple stylus?  Would you welcome it, or are you in line with my thoughts and only want it if it’s going to magically change the stylus game?  Let us know using the comments section below.  You’ve been hoping this is fake unless its infused with Apple ingenuity like everything else they create…


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