No, this isn’t some kind of new version of the game that you have to buy, it’s actually just a free update! It comes in two parts, one involving the single-player and co-op campaign of the game, and the other one being the wrecking zone.

The update for the campaign side of the game is that you officially have the keys to the city now! You can spawn any items or enemies that you want, and do all kinds of wacky stuff. You can set all your skill levels in the game, or give yourself super speed or super strength, with god-like power. This’ll give people the ability to set up all kinds of crazy scenarios and record them or take cool screenshots, which I think will give some artsy life to the game.

The Wrecking Zone is getting 100 levels of cosmetics that can be unlocked through just playing the mode. There’s all different kinds of armor skins, colors, face paints, and accessories. I don’t know how many people are actively playing Wrecking Zone right now, but maybe this will breathe some new life into the game and get more people back into it!

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