Crackdown 3, an Xbox Game Pass title, drops this Friday for the Xbox One and Windows 10 PC, so Microsoft allowed us to get our hands on the game early to provide some video coverage. While most of the video we’ve captured so far is best suited for our upcoming review of the game, I did capture a few cutscenes and missions from the first few hours of the game to share. Please note that we have to provide editorial commentary as a part of the embargo agreement with MS, so excuse my voice overs, but hopefully you also get some insights from them.

The video below features roughly the first 20-minutes of Crackdown 3. It starts with the game’s opening cutscene and subsequent plot setup, and then it moves into the first three or so missions you must complete before the game officially kicks off.

I’ve definitely been having fun so far, but I wouldn’t say I’ve come across anything that makes this Crackdown feel wildly different than its predecessors. It surely looks amazing and plays true to the franchise, but I wouldn’t say that it necessarily feels like a souped up version of the Crackdown experience yet.

I also haven’t touched the Wrecking mode out yet, so I’m expecting that to surprise if anything else. Stay tuned for more Crackdown 3 preview coverage!

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