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Crayola Scoot is a pretty goofy spin on skateboarding games, because even though you user a scooter, it doesn’t feel that different to a skateboard. Basically, it’s a local split-screen scooter game that’s got a plethora of game modes and perfectly suits younger kids.

There’s a single player campaign that you can take part in with its own story. You’ll be able to pick between a boy or a girl character and as you progress through the game you’ll be able to unlock skins to use. Some of the skins are pretty cool, I believe at one point I saw a dinosaur that vaguely reminded me of that blow-up T-rex suits that everyone is wearing these days. I got to check out some of the different game modes, one of which was basically HORSE. You do a set of tricks, then someone else has to try to copy your or they get a letter of the word SCOOT. There was also a mode that I really liked where you basically fill up your crayon meter by doing tricks. At any point, you can start shooting ink all over the place and whoever covers the most ground when time is up wins.

We didn’t get to see any of the story mode in the demo, but the art style is pretty easy on the eyes, very cel-shaded and cutesy. I think it’s easy to write it off as just a game for kids, but I think it’s got potential to be pretty decent. The fact that it’s a Crayola licensed game means it’s probably going to get some attention, whether that’s good or bad is really up to the people making the game. I for one have hope for it, I’m rooting for it, I liked what I saw, check out the pictures below and let us know if you like it too!

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