The battle for the Crayola Color Cup is on! So get ready to trigger traps with a tailwhip, spray on a speed boost and out-combo the competition – right to the last second. To be champion you’ll need to beat the Scoot Legends in a rainbow of team and solo events like Splatter Tag, Trick Run and the classic Game of S.C.O.O.T. Or grab your friends for a split screen color clash, with 4-player fun to make any party pop. Just remember, bigger stunts mean more color — and in Crayola Scoot, color can change the world in impossible ways!

Now yes, this game looks to be much more enjoyable for children; and I have no doubt in my mind that kids would find Crayola Scoot a blast. However, I truly enjoyed trying to nail the many different tricks available and it was so satisfying when I did crush it. Crayola Scoot is almost like a cross between a Tony Hawk game and Splatoon, and how could that not be a blast?

Some of the features include:

  • performing insane tricks and jumps to splash your unique color and activate traps, boosts and shortcuts
  • upgrading your scooter and rider’s style as you rise to fame and challenge for the championship
  • 6 different team and solo events
  • scoot through 12 parks across 3 worlds to challenge the outrageous Scoot Legends
  • 4-player split-screen battles

I wanted to mention that I did preview Crayola Scoot at E3 2018 this past summer, and it was a bit rough around the edges. The tricks were a bit janky and the actual movement of the scooter was jittery. I’m glad to say that the updated version of Crayola Scoot that I have reviewed was MUCH better. Every movement from the scooter and your character is smooth and every trick animation flows beautifully along with it. I was very, very happy about this update. The overall animation and color scheme is just an aesthetically-pleasing delight.

On the other hand, I felt the character creator was really lacking. I know that creating a character isn’t the main point of the game, but it’s something that younger kids (and I) would find enjoyable. There just wasn’t enough variety to make him/her you own unique character. When I think ‘Crayola’, I think of hundreds of colors and creativity. The character maker has basic colors (red, blue, green, yellow, purple, etc.), which would be completely underwhelming to a younger kid playing Crayola Scoot.

Overall, I did enjoy Crayola Scoot. It could be a fun game to play with a few friends late at night, but other than that, I couldn’t see myself playing it solo. Crayola Scoot is definitely a kid game, but a kid game that I could see becoming quite popular.


Review Summary

Story - 6
Gameplay - 6
Graphics - 6
Sound - 6
Entertainment Value - 6



Crayola Scoot is almost like a cross between a Tony Hawk game and Splatoon, and how could that not be a blast?


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