Crazy Things Can Happen When Video Game Worlds Collide

The mashed YouTube channel has posted an interesting animated video that offers a look at what would happen if characters from different video game worlds invaded each other’s games. For example, what would happen if the Tetris blocks were in Angry Birds, or if the Minecraft guy, complete with his own Luigi death stare, was a driver in a Mario Kart game? How about Hitman’s Agent 47 showing up in a Super Mario game?

These scenarios and others like them can be witnessed in the video above. The only bit that went way over my head was the DOTA stuff, it just made no sense, but I don’t know much about the franchise, so it may mean more to hardcore DOTAers.

If you like this video you’ll probably enjoy a post from a few weeks ago that takes a look at what would happen if video game characters didn’t have to follow their own game world rules.

Game Invaders is a collaborative effort between mashed, HBrunaTV, Sam Green Media & Twisted Grim. Hit the mashed link above to check out more of their work.


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