Have you ever wanted to create your own comic book? Or at least attempt to do so? Well, now you can thanks to an ingenious idea from CA Comics. A fantastic product that allows people to literally create their very own comic book.

The comic book is already put together, comes in a mylar bag and all, that you can draw and write in from cover to cover. I mean how cool is that?! This idea is so cool that it’s not surprising to learn how well they’re selling. Popular New Jersey based comic store, Zapp Comics, sold out of them the first day they had them in their shop!

CA Comics was started by two friends, Daniel aka the Visionist and Byron aka The Tech Wizard, who love comic books and are now spreading that love. An added perk to keep in mind when buying this great item is that you’re supporting two young entrepreneurs chasing their dreams. That alone is worth the cover price of $3.99!




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