Creative has just announced that its highly sought after Sound Blaster Roar portable speaker is now available for a new low price in the U.S.. The Roar is dubbed as an ‘Audiophile Sound Booklet’ and packs in 5-driver technology to give the 2.4 pound device some impressive sound making capabilities. It’s about the size of a book and can connect to smartphones via bluetooth or NFC, or it can be hooked up to anything with an AUX port and PC/Mac computers.

If those aren’t enough ways to listen to your music the Roar also functions as an MP3 player and has a microSD slot to save songs to. The Roar isn’t just about playing music either as it features a mic that allows you to record voice or use the device as a speakerphone. You can even use the recording button to save music that is playing to a memory card if you have one installed.

We’re currently testing a unit for review purposes, and so far the Roar has been impressive to say the least. If you’re interested in picking one up you can do so by heading over to Amazon. Stay tuned for a full review of the Roar from Entertainment Buddha!

About the Sound Blaster Roar

Sound Blaster Roar – Advanced Acoustic Design and Features

  • The key advanced acoustic design elements of the Sound Blaster Roar are its dual amplifiers, Space-Filling Dispersion Architecture, Boxer-Bass-Module Design, Roar Audio Power, TeraBass and MegaStereo features.

Bi-Amplified Design

  • Most other portable speakers utilize a single amplifier to reproduce the entire audio spectrum, with most demand going into producing lows and mid-range audio.  A single-amplified design thus compromises the highs, which results in unbalanced, low-fidelity audio, a symptom that is common among portable speakers.  In contrast, the Sound Blaster Roar features a bi-amplified design that utilizes two amplifiers – one dedicated to driving the lows and mids, and another dedicated to delivering the highs.  This allows the speaker to produce uncompromisingly clear, high definition and well-balanced music.

Space-Filling Dispersion

  • Another key differentiating factor is that the Sound Blaster Roar is specially designed to produce space-filling audio, instead of small, constrained audio.  This is achieved by the incorporation of far-field high frequency front-firing drivers that project audio further than most other speakers in its class, allowing users to hear subtle audio details clearly even when at the other end of a room.  Audio spaciousness is further enhanced through the unique placement of the five different drivers.  While the two high frequency drivers are front-firing, the active bass and mid-range driver is top-firing, with lower-range audio enhanced even further by the two side-firing passive radiators.  This design results in a holosonic soundscape that enables improved width, height and depth while preserving stereo focus.  The listener thereby experiences spacious audio that is not sweet spot-dependant.

Boxer-Bass-Module Design

  • Placing the top-firing bass and mid-range driver horizontally also allows for a low centre of gravity, which increases the stability of the Sound Blaster Roar.  This eliminates any unnecessary movement, vibration or rattling of the speaker’s body during audio playback, even at high volumes.

ROAR Audio Power

  • By default, the Sound Blaster Roar is designed to deliver clear and balanced high fidelity audio, even at high volumes.  In scenarios such as parties or gatherings where a large group is gathered, pressing the ROAR button will instantly and significantly boost the loudness, depth and spaciousness of the speaker audio for an even more powerful, kick-ass, no-holds-barred listening experience.


  • TeraBass is a feature that intelligently compensates for the perceived lack of loudness in bass during low level audio playback without artificially over-accentuating bass levels.  TeraBass processing will intelligently increase the loudness of bass at low to medium volume levels.


  • The MegaStereo feature enables two sets of Sound Blaster Roar speakers to be easily connected to each other to form a wider and more powerful left/left and right/right mega stereo system with double the punch using an optional special MegaStereo cable.

High-Definition Audio Codecs – AAC and aptX®

  • AAC and aptX® are advanced HD audio codecs that deliver high quality audio for Bluetooth transmission.  These codecs, supported by iPhones and branded Android phones, are crucial for high quality wireless audio transmission.

Other Useful Features

Beyond its astounding audio performance, the Sound Blaster Roar also incorporates many useful built-in features, such as Speakerphone teleconferencing, a MicroSD slot for MP3  music playback and Audio recording, a Siren, and  a unique Bluetooth Link Security Control that allows users to configure the connectivity settings of Sound Blaster Roar for different usage scenarios.  It even doubles as a Sound Blaster for connecting to a PC via the USB port. 

Housed within the Sound Blaster Roar is a high quality microphone that provides clear voice pickup, making it suitable for speakerphone teleconferencing.
Integrated MicroSD WMA and MP3 Player – Plays music directly from a MicroSD Card without having to connect to the user’s smart device.
Integrated Voice Recorder – Allows for simple, one-touch audio recording of music and voice calls directly to a MicroSD card.
NFC connectivity – One tap of an NFC-enabled smart device on the Sound Blaster Roar connects it to a device via Bluetooth.
Connects to two Bluetooth-enabled devices simultaneously – Ideal in a situation when a user is watching a movie on a tablet and wants to take a phone call on the Sound Blaster Roar from a smartphone.
Link Security Modes allow users to select how they can connect their Bluetooth devices to cater for different usage scenarios:
Default Mode (Creative Bluetooth Multipoint Mode) – Connects to up to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously.  Ideal for single users with two Bluetooth devices who may not want to share the Sound Blaster Roar with others.
Friendly Access Mode – Allows Bluetooth devices that have been paired to the speaker before to takeover control of the Sound Blaster Roar.  Ideal for sharing music among family and friends.
Free-for-All Access Mode – Allows device to be always set in discoverable mode.  Anyone can easily search and connect to the device without seeking permission. Ideal for use in meetings or classrooms for easy sharing of audio.
Dual Purpose Battery – 6000 mAH battery charges smartphones beyond providing up to 8 hours* of continuous audio playback.
Siren – Comes with a built-in siren that lets users instantly grab attention when needed.
Additional Sound Blaster† Functionality – Connecting the Sound Blaster Roar via USB to a PC or Mac enables advanced audio processing through Sound Blaster Control Panel, a free downloadable software program specially designed for the speaker.
Size: 2.2 x 7.9 x 4.5 inches
Weight: 2.4 lbs

* Actual battery life will vary with use and volume settings.
†The Sound Blaster Roar functions as an external Sound Blaster sound card when plugged into a PC or Mac via USB.


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