Creepiest Pet Video of All-Time!

While looking through today I stumbled upon a video that made me wonder if I was watching some sort of inter-species animal mating.  When I read the video caption explaining that is was a dog breast feeding a cat, I felt a little better about what I was watching, but at the same time the video is still extremely creepy.  First off, there’s a pet owner out there that recorded video of a cat sucking a dogs teet for over 3 minutes!  That has to be the creepiest part of this video.  In fact, the cameraman works in some close ups and various angles in this video like he is shooting some sort of bizarre animal dirty movie, which makes this video even stranger than it already is.  Eww!  Next up, is the look on the dogs face, which is saying, “Hey a-hole with the camera, get this thing off my titty because I really don’t like this!”  Unfortunately,  for this dog she would get no such relief, as the owner just sits there and watches the cat molest her.

That leads me to the cat, who looks like he is literally performing some sort of foreplay on the female dog.  I mean you’d think that this cat was trying to please the dog over getting a cheap meal from another species by the way he’s going to town with his paw rubbing and teet suckling.  Even as I’m writing this I can’t get the image of this cat sucking a dog’s nipples out of my head.  It’s really one of the strangest pet videos I’ve ever seen, and possibly could be illegal in some countries.  If you’re up for some really weird sh*t, check out the vid below.  You’ve been equally perplexed as to what is going on in this household…


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