The ultimate ode to an 80s childhood, Crossing Souls, has successfully hit its Kickstarter goal of $45,000 with three days left in its campaign.

Developed by Fourattic, Crossing Souls is an action adventure game featuring RPG elements and retro-inspired visuals that follows the story of five friends on a journey that spans life, death and everything in between.

One of the more exciting indie game projects on the horizon, Crossing Souls perfectly encapsulates the feeling of wonder, mystery and friendship that films such as Stand By Me, The Goonies and many 80s cartoons captured. In terms of gameplay, Crossing Souls is something of a mix between The Legend of Zelda and the Final Fantasy series.



Fourattic’s description of Crossing Souls perfectly sums up the interesting and unique premise of the game:

It’s 1986 in California. A group of friends will live the Summer of their lives after a mysterious discovery in their town’s woods. They will find an artifact whose powers they don’t understand and that will make them defy the laws of Nature, allowing them to interact between two planes of reality: life and death. This will trigger a series of unexpected events that will get them involved in a US Government conspiracy and a mysterious General who has his own plans. An adventure that will change their lives.

More information regarding the game can be found by checking out Crossing Souls’ Kickstarter page, or by heading to Fourattic’s website.

Crossing Souls is set to release in 2016 for the PC, Mac and Linux, with a potential console port in the works as well.


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