Crysis 2 Mulitplayer Demo Impressions – Xbox 360

It is demo day here at, and next up is the Crysis 2 MP demo on the Xbox 360.  If I had to sum up this game in a few words I’d call it “Call of Halo”, which isn’t a bad thing.  Crysis 2 plays as a mix of those two shooters with it resembling COD more than Halo, but it’s a good mix.  The Halo themes come through in the Nanosuit, which allows you to jump like a Spartan, go invisible like a Spartan, or reinforce your shields like a Spartan.  Honestly, the Crysis 2 mulitplayer is a perfect blend of both games.

Crysis 2 really didn’t blow me away on the visuals front like I was expecting.  This could be attributed to the fact that this is only a demo of the MP, but I didn’t think it looked any better than last year’s Call of Duty: Black Ops.  Don’t get me wrong, Crysis 2 plays very smoothly and looks fantastic, but one of the big hypes about this game is its graphical prowess.  I just didn’t see that.

On the sound front Crysis 2 definitely equals the beautiful surround sound found in COD: Black Ops.  I think my ears had an orgasm while playing on the Skyline map.  All of the ambient noises are there, and the ones pertaining to your bada*s suit are very machine like and sci-fi-ish.

The gameplay is very similar to most shooters, so I don’t know what the a-hole was talking about yesterday in the post I published from IGN.  I didn’t find the control scheme funky at all.  That didn’t help me not suck while playing, but that’s a whole different issue that I need to deal with personally.  Multiplayer has a feel that’s very similar to the recent Call of Duty games.  It’s first person with an on-screen map, and there’s kill cams after you die.  You can score all kinds of upgrades from playing, and all of the other doo-dads that COD presents like Dog tags, Awards, and other unlocks.  I played on Skyline which had a nice mix of indoor and outdoor combat.  Again, I didn’t feel like the map was too large like the IGN guy b*tched about.

Overall, I’m more excited about this game than I was before playing the demo.  I don’t think it has set any bars as far as graphics on a console goes, but it’s easily a great looking game.  The mixed first person play with sci-fi overtones screams a partnership between COD and Halo.  If you have enjoyed these games in the past I have no doubt that you’ll enjoy Crysis 2.  I’m going to pre-order my copy today!  Holy shite is 2011 going to be a great year to be a gamer, or what?  You’ve been wanting a nanosuit too…

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