Cuphead DLC Teaser – The Delicious Last Course

If there’s one game in recent memory that made more people on planet Earth rage quit than any other, it’s probably Cuphead. You may have thought yourself to be safe from the ass-pummeling that this game gave you the first time around, but you ain’t even close to safe. Oh yeah, that’s right, we finally have a tasty little teaser for the DLC for the game!

The Delicious Last Course not only brings a new playable character, Ms. Chalice, it also brings new levels and bosses! It remains to be seen if these will end up being easier or harder than the base game, but frankly, it just wouldn’t be right for it to be easier, that would be a waste. I mean, it’s the last course, we gotta have something that people will remember for generations to come.

I hate to draw the parallels to games like Dark Souls III, but I will, because that game had a fantastic base game, and even better DLC bosses. Those were easily way tougher than almost everything in the base game, minus maybe the Nameless King. I know this’ll be a perfect way to cap off an already astounding game, so check out the trailer above and get pumped!

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Nathaniel Smyth

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