Curious – Apple Looking for Some Antenna Engineers

On June 23rd, right around the time the iPhone 4 was exposed to have some issues with its reception, Apple posted multiple job openings on its site for Antenna engineers and other engineering positions that revolve around the iPhone/iPad product lines.  Do you think it’s coincidence, or is it recognition that Apple may have dropped the ball on the 4’s antenna design?

From the looks of the screen capture I’d say Apple is looking for a serious overhaul to its engineering department.  I’d say it’s a step in the right direction for the iPhone 5, but may be a day late and a dollar short for the 4.  At least it’s a sign that Apple is trying to fix the issue for future device roll-outs, but I think anyone that currently owns a 4 is hosed.  For these folks Apple is sticking to their prescribed solution, which is, “Hold the phone the right way you stupid consumers, duh!”  Typical Apple arrogance!  You’ve been hosed…

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