Yacht Club Games is pretty much known exclusively for making Shovel Knight, one of the most successful Kickstarters/indie games of all time. They’re finally wrapping up all of the content for that game with a big bow with Showdown and King of Cards later this year. That’s not all they’re doing though, and thank god for that, because their other project is fantastic.

They’re publishing a game that was basically completely done by one Aarne “Mekaskull” Hunziker. That game is Cyber Shadow, and it very well may be the ninja game to end all ninja games. This is taking The Messenger into consideration of course, which is by no means bad, that game also kicks all kinds of ass. Cyber Shadow, however, simply feels like on of the best-controlling action-platformers that I’ve ever had the honor of playing. Everything about the game, from the special techniques, to the level design, the enemies, and the boss fights, at least in the demo, are superb.

This is certainly just a first glance at the game, but upon talking to some of the people from Yacht Club, they’re gloriously excited for this game to launch. I think everyone else should be as well, because I can’t recommend it enough, and I can’t wait to play more of it! It belongs right up there with Shovel Knight in terms of quality and beauty, and the soundtrack and sound design (again, so far) is also fantastic. Check out the images below for a closer look at some of the art for the game, and let’s hope for more news on the game soon!

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