Cybertecture Mirror – The Future is Now!

It seems with each passing month we’re getting closer and closer to living in the future that we’ve seen in sci-fi movies.  Portable devices like smartphones can now do almost anything that a laptop used to do, 3D HDTV’s are in homes and thinner than ever, and now we can have things as mundane as a mirror doubling as a portal to the digital world.  Cybertecture Mirrors is a company that has manged to turn your mirror into more than just a reminder of how much you hate the way you look.  Through a proprietary OS embedded in the mirror you can view your weight and health stats, the weather, video, pictures, and more all while getting ready in the bathroom.

This thing could be dangerous in a household full of adolescent males if you know what I mean.  So much for having an imagination!  Unfortunately, this futuristic device will run you over $7,000 bones, so for now most of us will just have to look at ourselves in our crappy mirrors with no Internet.  Check out the demo video below.  You’ve been wondering when we will turn into ‘The Matrix’…


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Via [CybertectureMirrors via Gizmodo]


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