Dad Gets Funky To Bieber and Makes His Daughters Appear Manlier Than Him

I found a video on College Humor of a Dad doing a song and dance routine with his two little girls.  They’re jamming out to Justin Bieber while being videotaped, and I’m pretty sure by the way Pops is acting he’s the one who wanted to film the vid.  This Dad’s enthusiasm for the song and dance routine makes his little girls look like robots.  I really do think he forced them to be in the video so he didn’t look like a creep for totally digging The Bieb.

You have to check it out.  I’m telling you this guy has to practice in front of the mirror on a daily basis.  I just picture the Buffalo Bill scene from ‘Silence of the Lambs’ when I think about what may go on when this Dad is alone.  You know what scene I’m talking about you pervs.  You’ve been confirming in your head that white guys can’t dance…


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