Dad Takes the FPS Approach When Waking up Son

This video is proof that gamers are aging, but remaining cool as a polar bear’s toe nails at the same time.  Instead of just waking up his son like normal people do, this Dad grabbed his camera and a water pistol to give his kid a wake up call to remember.  The best part is that the Dad had enough foresight to film his unique alarm in the FPS view making it seem like he was in a video game, which he even added sound effects to.  What a genius way to get your lazy a*s kid out of bed without him/her throwing a sh*t fit resulting in a healthy knuckle sandwich breakfast.  It’s official, geeks may age, but their minds forever remain young.  Check out how to properly awake a child below.  You’ve been thinking he should’ve use BB’s…

Dad’s FPS Wake Up Call


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