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If you live in the Central Ohio area I’m sure you’re well aware of what went down last evening in regards to the press conference for Ohio State Football coach Jim Tressel.  The school more or less confirmed that Tressel did know about the Tattoo shop scandal as early as April of 2010.  Jimmy did indeed receive an e-mail from a lawyer back in April that informed him of his players involvement in a Federal drug-traffiking case, and he did not report it to OSU officials, nor did he inform the NCAA about it.  Ohio State was made aware of this part of the puzzle in January and therefore they launched their own investigation into the matter.  Hence the press conference last night where they announced that they’re self-imposing penalties on the coach for his actions.

Coach Tressel has been fined $250,000 and will be suspended for the first two games of the 2011 campaign.  Now the NCAA could levy more penalties, but nothing has been decided yet.  Tressel had this to say about his lack of honesty, “Obviously I’m disappointed that this happened at all, I take my responsibility for what we do at Ohio State tremendously seriously and for the game of football. I plan to grow from this. I’m sincerely saddened by the fact that I let some people down and didn’t do things as well as I possibly could have.”  Thanks Jim for drawing even more attention from the NCAA rules committee!

I’m still flabbergasted that this is even happening.  When the 5 players got in trouble I really wasn’t that surprised, because let’s face it, college kids are still pretty retarded when it comes to life.  But for a man like Tressel to be involved in the scandal is down right frightening.  I’m not naive and know that sh*t like this goes on at every major school in the country, but I really thought that Tressel had more common sense than what he showed.

His reasoning for not disclosing the news to OSU is pretty flimsy.  He said that he didn’t want to interfere with the federal investigation into the tattoo shop, so he stayed quiet.  He felt that if the media saw certain players benched last year it would’ve raised even more questions into the case.  Huh? Sorry Jim, that sounds pretty freaking lame!

I know Tressel can determine the difference between right and wrong, but he clearly had other intentions in mind with this scandal.  In fact, Jim isn’t as clean as I thought him to be.  The Columbus Dispatch released the fact that Ohio State has self-reported 375 violations to the NCAA since 2000.  That is the most infractions committed by the 69 Football Bowl Division schools who also reported NCAA issues.

Maybe we truly don’t know the man behind the vest?  It’ll be interesting to see what else comes out of this scandal, but I think it’s safe to say that 2011 is going to be a different kind of year for Buckeye fans.  You can watch parts of the press conference below.  You’ve been let down if you’re an Ohio State fan…

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