Loose lips sink ships. Or in Chuck Palahniuk’s case: loose lips mean you have to follow through and publish the follow up to Fight Club. “I messed up and said I was doing the sequel in front of 1,500 geeks with telephones. Suddenly, there was this big scramble to honor my word.”

As confirmed by USA Today, Dark Horse Comics will publish the follow up to the 1996 novel Fight Club starting May 2015 with a 10-issue maxiseries to be illustrated by Cameron Stewart. Palahniuk will be a part of a Fight Club panel at San Diego Comic Con along with the director of Fight Club David Fincher, although Palahniuk accidentally let loose the idea of the sequel at last year’s New York Comic Con.
Fight Club 2 will take place in both the future and the past alternatively, the future portions of which will be set ten years after the ending of the original book. The protagonist is now married to Marla Singer and has a 9-year-old son, Junior. Most of the characters from the original book will return for the maxiseries, as well as Project Mayhem, which will be the driving force of conflict as the narrator is still tied to the organization and must save his boy when his life is in peril.

Palahniuk started revisiting the Fight Club world after he gained interest in the comic book community and began to think about the writing. Cameron Stewart, who will draw the maxiseries, was first introduced by the movie, says he will opt for a more “cartoony” representation because it is “more appropriate for the density of the story and for some of its more absurdly comical moments.”


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