Dark Horse to Release Mass Effect: Redmeption Comic Book Compilation

Mass Effect, one of the best Sci-Fi RPGs of all-time, has made a successful push in the expanded universe niche with its paper back books and comic adaptations.  If you’re like me and only read geeky stuff, I’d highly recommend picking up the Mass Effect books and now the comic book as soon as you feel like doing some old-fashioned entertainment.  I know, reading blows, but every once in awhile it is nice to use your brain in a new way.

I have read Mass Effect: Revelation, which is a prequel to the first Mass Effect game, and Mass Effect: Ascension, which is an entry in the universe not directly tied to the game at all, but still a good read.  They’re both written by Drew Karpyshyn who happens to be the writer for the game itself, so the books are canon when it comes to the Mass Effect story.

For a true prequel/filler to Mass Effect 2, you need to pick up Mass Effect: Redemption Vol. 1, which is a comic book adventure of what happens in between the time of Shepard’s disappearance at the beginning of Mass Effect 2, and his eventual reappearance early in the game.  If that makes no sense don’t worry about it.  I’m trying not to spoil the game for anyone.

I’m a fan of reading with pictures and engrossing myself in a made up universe, so these comic book collections are right up my alley.  The collection should be available this June, so if you like to look at pictures and love Mass Effect pick them up from my Amazon store.  You’ve been Mass Effected…

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