Dark Souls 3 Screenshots Leaked, Reportedly Releasing in 2016

Update — June 9, 2015: 

It appears that Dark Souls 3 will, in fact, be releasing in 2016. Earlier today, published an article containing official, unreleased Dark Souls 3 artwork containing the message, “Early 2016.”


Last Friday, the gaming world got a taste of what to expect from Dark Souls 3.

For the first time, screenshots and gameplay details surrounding the supposed third entry in From Software’s flagship series were made public, thanks to a video containing leaked information by The Know’s YouTube Channel.

Normally, it’s easy to take “leaked” information as conjecture and screenshots as the work of impressive photoshop efforts, but something tells us that the Dark Souls 3 information shared by The Know is true.

According to the Dark Souls 3 leak, the series’ formula will be tweaked a bit, allowing players to use a “sacrifice” mechanic to change the game world, create usable bonfires at any location, and other small changes. Additionally, Dark Souls 3 will feature “sword fighting arts” that seem to function as “special” moves for players and a “heat up” mode for boss fights that could potentially change the entirety of each battle.

From the available information and screenshots that have accompanied the Dark Souls 3 leak, it seems as though From Software has been working on the title for quite some time, leading many to speculate that the game will be featured at E3 2015. This would coincide with the rumors that have circulated relating to Dark Souls 3 having a 2016 release date. However, no official word has been given by From Software regarding either the existence of Dark Souls 3 or their attendance at E3, but Entertainment Buddha will update this story as it develops.

For now, all that we can do is hope that if Dark Souls 3 is happening, then it is every bit at challenging and mysterious as its From Software pedigree.


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