As Entertainment Buddha’s resident Souls fan, I was pretty happy to see that I would get to write about Dark Souls III today.

This year’s Gamescom brings with it some new Dark Souls III footage. For most, the newly released gameplay trailer is the world’s first look at From Software’s upcoming title. After watching the footage a few times, I think this is as good of a first look as any.

Dark Souls III seems to retain so much of what made its predecessors so successful. The haunting atmosphere of Demon’s Souls, the methodical combat of Dark Souls, the overwhelming sense of dread that permeates through Bloodborne: all of those were present in the short Dark Souls III trailer.

It seems as though Dark Souls III wants to go to the series’ darkest place yet, with religious imagery and unholy abominations taking center stage throughout the gameplay trailer. Bishop-like undead walk among a clergy of hollows as what appears to be the player’s character marches through a desecrated church. Religious imagery, at least as far as I am concerned, is the best possible way to build an atmipshere of creepy tension, so expect Dark Souls III to unsettle.

Combat-wise, Dark Souls III certainly appears to have more fluidity than the Souls games before it. Taking a page out of Bloodborne’s book, DSIII caters towards faster movement, while still retaining a tactical approach to its swordplay.  Backstabs, positioning and patience are more than likely the key tenants of Dark Souls III’s combat, so prepare your blade.


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