Dark Souls 3’s Latest Trailer is Introspective and Violent

“…enough death to leave you broken. Time after time.”

These words rank among the most thought-provoking moments of the latest Dark Souls III trailer. They serve as an important reminder of both the brutality that has long been associated with the Souls series and the player’s penchant for punishment. Dark Souls has always provided gamers with a certain kind cathartic experience. Challenges pose a threat at every moment. Enemies can destroy even the most well-equipped character. We die. We try again. We are happy in our defeat, knowing that each attempt means we are one step closer to success.

Dark Souls III is nearly here. In fact, members of the press and a number of well-known gaming personalities have already been granted early access to the game. While some of the series’ acclaimed mystery may be lacking with such an early buzz around the game, one thing that seems to be clear is that Dark Souls III does not pull any punches.

Death and darkness are two common themes in the above trailer. They both intersect numerous times throughout the trailer’s short runtime. Human characters give hauntingly introspective thoughts about the nature of their existence in the world of Dark Souls III.

Moments of intense combat are interspersed with the tender character reflections. Huge knights and gangly undead beasts pummel challengers. Swords are swung with a fluidity that hasn’t really been seen this side of Bloodborne. And it looks glorious.

Dark Souls III will release on April 12.


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