Dark Souls First Person Mod: Death at a Different Angle

It ain't pretty but it is 1st person.
It ain't pretty but it is 1st person.
It ain’t pretty but it is 1st person.


Fans have been flocking to Dark Souls since its release to tackle the game’s much lauded challenges. Even after some time has passed since Dark Souls hit store shelves, gamers still spend countless hours tacking the often unforgiving land of Lordran.

Just when you thought that perhaps the game might have lost its challenge or grown stale, Soul Slasher uploaded a video to his YouTube account that looks to take everything you know about Dark Souls and gives it a complete change of perception. 

Soul Slasher’s video, entitled ‘Dark Souls – First Person mode!’, is just that – a mod for the PC version of Dark Souls that changes the game’s third-person view to a decidedly glitchy first-person camera. The eleven minute video showcases Soul Slasher running through Dark Soul’s first main area all the way until his battle with the Taurus Demon.

Seeing Dark Souls in first person undoubtedly will draw conclusions to the King’s Field series that serves as the inspiration for the Souls games. It also shows just how different the game would have been if it was always meant to be played in the first-person.

Awkward floating limbs and rough finish aside, Soul Slasher’s video is a blast to watch. The first-person view gives the game’s well known locations a breath of fresh air and adds a whole new learning curve for veteran players.

Dark Souls fans need to check this out immediately.

Soul Slasher’s YouTube account can be found here, and his first person video is embedded below.

Dark Souls – First Person mode!:

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