Darkmatter - DIY Xbox 360 laptop kit

Darkmatter - DIY Xbox 360 laptop kit

Even though Microsoft recently announced their new console, the millions of people with Xbox 360s sitting at home now have a new use for the soon-to-be-dated gaming system. ; thanks to Techjango, you’ll now be able to create and customize your own personal Xbox 360 laptop.

The Darkmatter laptop has all the trimmings of a standard laptop – Ethernet, USB and HDMI functionality, as well as a 15.6” 720p display. The Darkmatter will be fully portable, but does require an outlet so that the power supply can be plugged in.

Those interested in the Darkmatter Xbox Laptop can check out Techjango’s Kickstarter page for more information regarding backing the project. The company hopes to earn $25,000 in the next 19 days, promising supporters that upon reaching their funding goal, Techjango will make their building plans available to the public.

Pricing for the Darkmatter has also been released. The entire self-assembly kit runs at $499, including everything needed for the project except the Xbox 360 console. For those that are interested in the Darkmatter but might not feel up to actually assembling the DIY kit, Techland is offering a preassembled unit – 360 and all – for $999.

Interestingly, Techland has stated that their Darkmatter kit will also be compatible with the newly announced Xbox One. According to Techland, Microsoft has released enough information about the Xbox One to ensure compatibility with the Darkmatter.

Head on down past the break to watch a video to learn more information on the Darkmatter and its Kickstarter campaign.

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