I’ve never really understood the Evangelical style of worship, because I have a hard time believing that some guy in a suit commands the power of God through his touch, as most of them claim.  Plus, who needs a church the size of a football stadium?  Shouldn’t all of the money these guys collect from their flock go to helping people in need, and not building a church that Jesus himself would be embarrassed to call home?  I’m not hating on any group’s beliefs in particular, but don’t you find it a little ridiculous when these loud mouths place their hands on sick people, and magically they fall over like they just got KO’d by Mike Tyson?  If instant healing really worked why aren’t these guys stationed in every hospital around the World?  Point made!

While listening to the devil himself yesterday, Howard Stern, he played a clip of one of these televangelist working his magic, but someone dubbed Star Wars sound effects over it.  The man in the video is Benny Hinn who is supposedly one of the more popular TV preachers out there.  In the video you’ll see him doing his rain dance and then he’ll proceed to “heal” people, but what makes this video so great is the dubbing that the YouTube poster did.  To showcase the true nature of some of these televangelists, the poster added soundbytes from Emperor Palpatine and the iconic lightsaber sound from the Star Wars Universe.  The resulting mash-up is a true piece of comedic mastery.  Check it out for yourself below and BE HEALED!  You’ve been thinking that these types of preachers are con-artists…


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