Darksiders III Flame Hollow Trailer – Spicy Fury

Darksiders III gets a third trailer in just two days, and this time it focuses on one of the forms fury will take within the game. Not only is she imbued with the power of flame, she can also walk through lava, and sling herself like a fireball through the air. It looks like she’ll be able to burn large webs and cloth pieces simply by touching them. I’m not sure if there will be puzzles that require burning large cloth tapestries, but if there are, have at it.

I think this looks pretty damn cool and it makes me even more excited to see what the other forms will be like. I’m wondering if there will be just elemental ones or if there will be a “Death” form  or a “light” form or anything like that. That’d be pretty cool, but check out the trailer above for now and let us know what you think!

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