Darth Maul Makes His Return in New Clone Wars Trailer

He was cut in two and fell down a seemingly bottomless pit, but that is not preventing Lucas from bringing Darth Maul back from the dead.  In a two episode arc that will wrap up the 4th season of The Clone Wars, fans will be able to see what this wounded warrior has been up to, and let’s just say that he’s not too happy.  Maul’s return will kick off on March 9th in an episode called “Brothers”, which will lead into the season finale called “Revenge”.

Even though this is some pretty cool fan service I’m not so sure Maul’s return from the dead will go over well with some fans.  It basically sh*ts on the end of TPM, and makes the Star Wars universe seem even more fantasy based than it really is.  Characters have been brought back from the dead before in the Star Wars mythology, but these happenings usually occurred in the expanded universe, so they weren’t official Lucas canon if you will.  Considering that he has said that The Clone Wars series is official canon, then he’s claiming that his characters can survive being chopped in half on top of falling down a bottomless pit.  Err?

It’s just further proof that the prequel era Star Wars stories will always be a different breed than their predecessors.  Regardless, Maul looks as menacing as ever in cartoon form, so check out his return below.

Star Wars: Clone Wars – Darth Maul Returns Trailer

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