Darth Maul & The Avengers Getting in on the Custom 3D Glasses Trend

Earlier this week we posted a story about certain AMC theaters offering custom pod racer 3D glasses for The Phantom Menace 3D, and now there’s even a better reason to watch this film in the third dimension.  It seems that all theater chains who show TPM in Real3D will be getting custom Darth Maul glasses for those fans who see the movie on opening day.  Sign me up for this one!  It’s not that I’m excited to watch TPM in 3D, but rather my excitement is geared towards adding some collectible glasses to my 3D TV home theater setup.  If all goes well I’ll be able to offer my guests some killer eye wear to sport while they watch 3D programming on my setup that other 3D adopters can not.

To make this new trend of custom 3D glasses even more awesome, it now seems as if the same type of marketing ploy will take place with The Avengers.  A film buff spotted an ad for four different pairs of Avengers themed Real3D glasses, which will supposedly be sold for $5 a pop when the movie comes out this Spring.  Once again I can’t help but be excited over this gimmick, because what geek wouldn’t want to own Star Wars pod racer and Maul 3D glasses, complimented by Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor custom 3D glasses for their home 3D theater setup?

Besides, The Avengers 3D glasses look way cooler than the Star Wars ones, so for $20 I can own some of the raddest 3D at home glasses on the planet.  Take that active display 3D users!  You can check out a less than ideal picture of the Marvel 3D glasses below.  You’ve been given a new mission in life and that is to own all of these custom 3D glasses in 2012…

Slick as f*ck!

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