Darth Sheen: The Force Has Tiger Blood and Adonis DNA

The Charlie Sheen rants are spreading across the World like a wild fire, and like Mel’s from last year they have begun making their way into various parodies and comedy bits.  How can they not?  Sheen’s rants are even better than Mel’s because he sounds composed, and they’ve been providing new pop culture buzz words that Mel didn’t provide.  “Winning” has become as popular as Paris Hilton’s “That’s Hot!” from a few years back, and how can you not love a guy who has tiger blood with Adonis DNA!  Those are words spoken from a true genius and pioneer in new ways to commit career suicide.

Check out what it looks like when Charlie Sheen takes a turn as the Dark Lord of the Sith below.  You’ve always known that Vader really didn’t have Midichlorians in his body, he got his powers from having tiger blood and Adonis DNA…


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