Darth Vader is the Grinch in The Sith who Stole Christmas Mashup

Mashups these days are all the rage on YouTube, and if they work they’re great, but if they don’t they kind of blow donkeys.  The team over at OneMinuteGalactica is known for mashing up famous sci-fi related film and TV with some odd voice overs from other pieces of work.  Sometimes their fused product is Internet gold, while others are highly forgettable.  This is not the case in their latest piece, The Sith who Stole Christmas, which is a combination of various shots of Darth Vader mixed to the Grinch song from Dr. Seuss’ Christmas time classic.  Both mediums work eerily well together portraying Vader as an angry a-hole who hates Christmas.  It’s as if these two classic characters were meant to be together.  Check it out below to see if Darth makes a better Grinch than, well, the Grinch.  You’ve still been hating George Lucas for making Darth Vader a girly man…

The Sith who Stole Christmas


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