Darth Vader Rap Battles? Who Knew?

Darth Vader is truly a man of mystery.  Not only has he been seen doing interviews on this very website, but I just found a video of him having an epic rap battle with none other than Adolph Hitler.  Who knew the Dark Lord of the Sith liked to get down Rabbit style and have lyrical battles with other bad guys in the universe?  I must say both he and the “H” man are quite venomous with their raps, but do you expect anything less from these iconic villains?  The best part is that I now know why the prequels sucked so bad.  Hitler himself went back in time to purposefully make Darth Vader whack.  Don’t believe me?  Well, check out this epic battle for yourself then by watching the video below.  I’m taking Vader as the winner, how about you?  You’ve been wondering what villains do in their spare time while not taking over the world, or galaxy…


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