‘Dauntless’ to Receive a Massive Content Update

If you haven’t heard of Dauntless yet, let me spin you a tale. Dauntless is a hunting game, similar to the Monster Hunter series, that is currently in closed beta on the PC. Phoenix Labs has put out a video outlining the next major content update, aptly named, Sharpen Your Skills. The update introduces a brand new weapon, the War Pike, which introduces piercing damage into the game, as well as bringing a rocket launcher on the other end of the pike.

The Skarn and the Kharabak will join the roster of Behemoths for Slayers to fight. The Skarn is a giant creature covered with stone armor while the Kharabak is a flying insect that moves quickly and attacks with the blades on it’s appendages. Along with these, there are some combat and general gameplay tweaks coming, including a brand new progression system and a new Frostfall event coming in December, check out the release video above! You can see pictures of the new Behemoths below!

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