Day of Days: IPad Day is Almost Here!

Steve Jobs’s next big thing is due to drop this Saturday at all 221 Apple Stores and most Best Buy locations.  Can anyone say stampede?  Who wants to place bets on someone getting stabbed, robbed, or punched out?  I love fandom and what it makes otherwise normal people do.  Watch out for that old lady in line she may have a shiv in her stockings.

The IPad makes its debut this Saturday, April 3, and if you haven’t pre-ordered one you may be involved in one of those scenarios I just mentioned.  Best Buy is set to open at 9 AM as well as the Apple Store, so make sure to pitch a tent and do some sidewalk camping.  Remember, this Saturday only marks the launch of the IPads without 3G.  Those bad boys will be coming out on a later date.

I don’t know about you, but I have to have one of these things.  I honestly can’t even tell you why, but it’s just one of those man-toys that I have to own.  I may have to donate my body to science to get one, but I think testing the body’s natural defenses against HIV is a fair trade off to get some cash for an IPad.  Below I have listed the price points for the various models.  To be honest I always want the best of the best, but in this case I’m not really sure that’s the right way to go.

Wi-Fi Only Models

  • 16GB $499
  • 32GB $599
  • 64GB $699

Wi-Fi + 3G Models

  • 16GB $629
  • 32GB $729
  • 64GB $829

Which version will be the right one for you?  I’ve got a hard time justifying the extra $129 per model for 3G, especially considering the fact that to use the 3G you must purchase an additional “plan” through your wireless provider.  I think AT&T will be charging $29.99 per month and Verizon is rumored to be as high as $59.99.  Talk about taking it in the pooper!  Well open wide, because I’m sure most people will empty their wallets when it comes to this awesome piece of tech.  Let me know what you’ll be doing on IPad Day, will you be camping out with your sharpened toothbrush handle to fend off the masses?

You’ve been enlightened…

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