Two of DC’s weekly maxi-series (New 52 Futures End and Earth 2: World’s End) will end this March to make way for the next company-wide event, “Convergence”. According to USA Today, the newest event will begin April 1, with a zero-issue that will then spin out into an eight-part core series and 40 two-part miniseries that will encompass anything that has happened pretty much in the history of the DC Universe.

The event is largely designed to assist in DC Comics moving from New York City to Burbank and will take the place of normal publishing during April and May. Co-publisher Jim Lee says this event will help answer some questions regarding the New 52 universe and some notable characters that have been absent since the reboot as well as what history still counts in the DC Universe. Lee describes the upcoming event as “the most meta epic event we’ve done.”

While mostly dealing with previously mapped out universes and characters, the event will include a new villain Tellos, who is “born of Brainiac and this mysterious planet.” Television writer Jeff King (White Collar, Continuum) will handle the main plot with Dan Jurgens assisting on the zero issue and Scott Lobdell helping with the overall outline.


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[via USA Today]


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