DC Reboot: New Justice League Looking Pretty Boss

Some awesome new art depicting the impending DC reboot of the Justice League hit the net this week. Mainstays we all expect like Superman, Batman, and Green Lantern are all there along with a few, well lets just call them unlikely inclusions. The endlessly mocked Aqua Man is featured prominently for example and so is Cyborg who DC has apparently decided needs to be a prominent member now. It’s interesting to see which characters are in the front and which are in the back. As mentioned, Cyborg is in the front yet better known and respected heroes like Green Arrow are in the back. Also strange is the complete absence of the Martian Man Hunter.

About the Reboot

There is a huge rumbling in the comics community about DC’s plans to essentially restarts their entire universe but the cries of the end of the world are really exaggerated. First off, any book that was successful is not having its story rebooted. That means all of the green lantern stuff with the various colored lanterns we all just enjo- well experienced, is still in continuity. It’s more of a reboot in issue number than anything else. The books that are totally rebooting, let’s face it, probably need to. When was the last time anyone cared about Aqua Man? It’s also interesting to see where they are going with some of the other heroes like Cyborg who they seem to want to make more important.

What The Reboot Probably Really Means for Comic Fans

If we’re being completely honest here we should probably all calm down and take a look at DC’s history when it comes to changing things. Remember when Hal Jordan became Parallax? People were outraged then too, so after a while DC launched a huge event and made it like he was possessed the whole time. So even if this reboot leads to some bad books, all that will really happen is in a few months we’ll get another ridiculous continuity event like Infinite Earths, huge for fans to enjoy before putting everything back to normal.  You’ve been loving how feverish fanboys can get…

The League in Their New Garb

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